data analyis

Confronting Your Data-Driven Bureaucracy

The only data you need are those needed for making a decision. Yet in my experience, much data reported to head offices are rarely needed or used. At one point an individual datum might have been important for some kind of decision which is why its collection was mandated. Years later though, few people can remember what important decision that was.

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sales meeting

Sales is a Noble Profession

In a small Tokyo sales office of a Kansai-based company, the sales manager in charge habitually turns away sales people from other companies who call unannounced as a matter of course. It doesn’t matter what they have to offer or whom they would like to meet. He is uninterested. The office is small enough that when the sales manager sends a visitor packing, it is in full view of staff.

Yet when his own sales people make the same kind of calls on a prospect company, the sales manager expects that at least his sales people will be received, heard, and possibly connected with the right person who can judge for himself or herself if a longer conversation is warranted.

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change first

Change First, Buy-In Later

Buy-in is nice to have in theory but in practice no prerequisite to act. The most successful leaders I know do not delay execution only to seek buy-in. Rather, they act first and use successful results in to get buy-in. After all, nothing is more powerfully persuasive in achieving buy-in than experiencing real success. Continue reading

Don’t Push Back, Push Forward

A CEO client of mine asked for advice on pressure he was receiving from the head office for a dramatic increase in sales targets for the coming year. He has successfully grown business consistently every year at a faster rate than any other country’s operation within the group. His managers now want more — a typical situation for many of my clients. Continue reading