Hit the Ground Running

The only viable path forward for your business during this crisis is innovation. There is no percentage in tentativeness. It is the bold and the innovators who will hit the ground running and succeed when things settle.

At a recent CEO roundtable I held in Tokyo, one CEO talked about how he is implementing enclosed spaces in retail facilities across Japan that are meant to accommodate one customer and one sales person at a time. The space is disinfected after each use. Other CEOs who heard this idea realized they could do the same thing in their own businesses, even though the business of each is vastly different from the others.

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The Key To Innovation – Unique 2


Steve shares four main aspects on moving innovation forward in an organization.

  1. Realizing that innovation is not confined to just a small group of individuals within the company.
  2. Formulating the right questions, and responding to questions honestly.
  3. Involve people from all levels and invite them to share their thoughts.
  4. Understand that innovation encourages management and leaders to do things that are the opposite from what they typically have to do in a day-to-day scenario.