No Path to Excellence in Market Price

Saving pennies should never justify forgoing dollars of income.

The most successful business people I know never consider cost, and only consider ROI, particularly when hiring people and engaging services.

There is no path to excellence through paying market price. A consistent ROI focus results in rapid growth and success.

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Attitude Trumps Experience

I advised the vice-president to hire the less experienced candidate and you should hire the less experienced candidate too. Let me tell you why.

Between two candidates for a sales manager role at a major international company, I advised a vice-president of sales to hire the less experienced candidate over a more experienced candidate because the former was growth-oriented whereas the latter was confident that he knew his business and alluded he had little left to learn. The vice-president hired the less experienced candidate.

What do I mean by growth-oriented?

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Four Characteristics of a Great Employee

I am often asked what separates great employees from the merely good and mediocre. My answer frequently surprises. Below are four characteristics of a great employee. Continue reading