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Motivation is Overrated

When a CEO asks me how to better motivate his or her employees to change, the focus is on the wrong thing. Motivation can get a person started, but only discipline can see him or her through to an outcome.

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The Fallacy of Monetary Incentives

Most leaders view monetary incentives as the most important driver of performance, whereas most employees view it as the least important. Monetary incentives reduce performance to an economic transaction—an offer for a price—which he or she may accept or walk away from. Continue reading

Four Characteristics of a Great Employee

I am often asked what separates great employees from the merely good and mediocre. My answer frequently surprises. Below are four characteristics of a great employee. Continue reading

Find the most disloyal people possible, and to hire as many of them as you can

Your best employees are the ones who are confident they can always get good work elsewhere whenever they want and have no qualms doing so. They stay with your company because they want to stay and are among the most committed. Employees who are sticking with your company because they are afraid to leave even though they dislike their jobs will be with you forever, perform the minimum necessary, but never become your stars. The irony is that the most committed of your employees are among the most disloyal. It’s those who swear allegiance that you need to worry about. Continue reading