Strategy Execution

All strategies are perfect on paper. Managing execution is the hard part. We help our clients develop an outstanding execution management capability or dramatically improve an existing one.

There are five major factors for execution success:

  1. Strategy has to be communicated in simple terms
  2. The leader must be out and visible, demonstrating that he or she is living the strategy
  3. It must be clear how the strategy is in the best interest of the organization and where people fit
  4. There must zero tolerance for not adhering to strategy
  5. People must be held accountable, and in particular, when a leaders says he will hold people accountable he must follow through

When a strategy execution framework is not as effective as it should be, the reason can be traced problems to three areas: technical aspects of the framework itself and a how it is used, process aspects in terms of who does what when, and leadership–the lynchpin in execution success.

We help clients develop an outstanding execution ability. They experience greater enthusiasm and buy-in for the strategy, a stronger ability to change course rapidly in response to perceived changes in the environment, improved track record on achieving goals, better execution of mid-level managers, and dramatically improved financial results.