How remarkable is your company’s selling capability?

Our clients achieve increased revenues, increased profit margins, high close rates, greater productivity, and higher rates of new customer acquisition.

Conventional wisdom used to be that if the product quality is high and the price is reasonable, a product or service will sell itself. All you needed was a sales force of congenial people-oriented staff to actively take the product around and build relationships with after-five activities.

To some degree, this may still work. However, the required capabilities of remarkable salesforce that can service as an engine for growth have become more stringent. Why?  Competition from overseas, customer demand sophisticated high-value service, complexity of products and services, and the expectation customers now have of sales people to provide them with insights to succeed in their business not just to provide information and source of purchasing products have all increased.

Many companies in preparing their sales people have focused on product knowledge. While product knowledge is essential, it is not enough. Remarkable sales people require strong capabilities in three major areas:

  1. Product and technical understanding
  2. Understanding of industries, markets and the specific business of the customer
  3. Business acumen – and understanding of how value is created

The best sales people display behaviors that lead to success and do the following:

  1. Ask questions more than than they report information
  2. Listen more than they talk
  3. Have a habit of increasing their knowledge of markets, industries and customers
  4. Provide insights specific to a prospect’s business rather than simply explaining products and services
  5. Target economic buyers rather than procurement people without purchase authority
  6. Pro-actively seek to understand a prospects buying processes
  7. Sell based on value rather than price
  8. Pro-actively lead a prospect through a buy-sell process rather than be led
  9. Always clarify a next step and are clear about who will do what by when
  10. Regularly cultivate new prospects

We help clients grow sales forces with these capabilities and more.