Consulting Services

Strategy Formulation

We help clients develop a strategy formulation capability to enable growth. This means understanding the real driving forces behind their business, identifying opportunities to create customers in new ways…

Strategy Execution

All strategies are perfect on paper. Managing execution is the hard part. We help our clients develop an outstanding execution management capability or dramatically improve an existing one.

Market Validation

If your company had the ability to consistently and rapidly identify the best growth opportunities for increasing revenues and profit on current products and services, how would that change your business?

Sales Management

We help our clients develop outstanding sales leaders who keeps salespeople focused on what is important, making their best people even better, ultivating the next generation of sales leaders.


How remarkable is your company’s selling capability?
Our clients achieve increased revenues, increased profit margins, high close rates, greater productivity, and higher rates of new customer acquisition..

Crisis Management

Many of my clients recognized the need to revise and strengthen their crisis management capability, in particular for natural disasters.
What can you do now to mitigate such risks? What is your plan should they be realized anyway?