Sales Management Assessment

Answers these six questions for a quick assessment of the level of your company’s sales management capability.

1. What percentage of time do your sales managers spend selling as opposed to leading?
  90-100% 75-89% 50-74% Less than 50%
2. What percentage of time do your sales managers spend with A and B+ players as opposed to B- and C player sales staff?
  90-100% A/B+, 0-10% B-/C 75-89%, A/B+, 11-25% B-/C 50-74%, A/B+, 26-50% B-/C Less than 50% A/B+, more than 50% B-/C
3. Sales managers articulate a clear selling strategy that is shared and understood by all sales people?
  Always Most of the time Sometimes Rarely
4. How frequently do your sales managers hold informal performance reviews with sales people not including the ones mandated by HR?
  Monthly Quarterly Irregularly They don’t
5. Do sales managers provide a framework for prioritizing customers and prospect visits, and is it enforced?
  Yes, and it is enforced with discipline Yes, but it is sometimes not enforced Yes, but it is rarely enforced They don’t have a framework
6. Do sales managers regularly provide opportunities for improving performance, such as case studies, role plays, and new insights?
  Yes, monthly Yes, quarterly Yes, but irregularly Rarely