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Qualities of Star Employees

Last week I was in Naples, Florida on business. Naples is a wonderful coastal city with great beaches and and even better restaurants. I had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Café Lurcat. The Hamachi sashimi avocado salad and the maguro tatami with sesame were exquisite, and the service was even more impressive. We had a waiter named John, who not only attentive and charming, but also extremely knowledgeable about all the wine of the wine list to the degree of an elite sommelier, and how each of the dishes are prepared in the kitchen, where fresh fish is sourced, how the saves are made, and more. He was surprisingly knowledgeable for a waiter. We asked about how he gained all this knowledge, he said he studied it on his own. Learning the wines to the degree he did is not a requirement of his job, but he thought it would make him a better waiter an be able to serve customers better. He also spends hours observing the chefs as the cook and asking them questions so he understands everything about the food and its preparation, all to be able to serve customers better. He loves what he does and is enthusiastic about learning more to be better. He is a star.

Enthusiasm, passion and self motivation make for star employees who delight customers.

So, what about your employees? How many stars do you have on staff? Do your employees improve themselves on their own beyond the requirements of the job simply because they love what they do and want to be the best? Does your company proactively seek people like that in hiring?

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