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Pride and Confidence

The goal of every business is to create a customer, and its mission is to contribute to the society in which it serves. This is not about CSR or charity.

Every successful business does something to make people's lives better in some way. Click To Tweet

As a leader, you want your staff to take pride in what they do, and have confidence in their talent and expertise. We often default to relying on hitting targets, big wins, quarterly results, etc. to boost people’s confidence and give them a sense of pride of accomplishment. However, this rarely endures the inevitable ups and downs of business, and can often ring on an individual level.

If you want to boost pride and confidence, ask your people to think of all the people they helped in some way during the day before going to sleep. This is applicable to any individual in any role in an organization, including yours. Who have you helped today in some way? Today, I helped you.

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