What We Do

Steven helps companies develop the capabilities to thrive and grow. These capabilities include:

  • Superb leadership at all levels and the ability to continuously cultivate excellent leaders
  • Bold strategy development, with the capability to challenge past assumptions, and the courage to break away from previous business models when necessary
  • Execution capability, with excellent strategy management
  • Understanding of customers and markets rapidly, practically and systematically, to maximize investment in sales, marketing and product/service development activities
  • Remarkable sales capability, breaking away from price driven selling or simple reliance on appeals to better quality
  • Outstanding sales leadership and management capability, so leaders of sales teams constantly cultivate the capabilities of the team members and direct them to the best sales opportunities
  • Leveraged innovation, with wide participation in raising the bar on standards of service and delivery, and development of breakthrough products as a matter of routine business rather than relying only on serendipitous flashes of genius from only a few