What does Relansa mean?

I am often asked, “What does Relansa mean? Why did you choose that name for your company?”

My most successful clients all have one thing in common. They all understand that failure and setbacks are an inherent part of success. They all have the singular capability to relaunch themselves no matter what failure or setback they encounter. In fact, they never give up no matter what. If you ask my best clients how to best increase a rate of success, many of them will respond, “increase the rate of failure.” They understand that the only real permanent failure is to fail try again.

Failure and setbacks are a natural part of success. We learn from these experiences. They make us stronger, smarter, and wiser. They make us grow, and do better at what we do.

My best clients never fear failure and setbacks. They take measured risk, and have innate confidence in their ability to relaunch and ultimately succeed.

Relansa means relaunch. It is a reminder of the essence of success. Relansa is not just about my company and me. Relansa is about you and your success. Relansa is about success for all of us.