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JAL First Class

I was flying JAL International First Class from LAX to Tokyo after a successful and productive trip to the United States. I was pretty tired not having gotten much sleep during my trip. About an hour into  the flight, I went to sleep before even having the first meal. I slept continuously until being awakened by a flight attendant one hour before landing. I asked if I could eat before landing. The flight attendant served one item after another, as if she were trying to give me as much as possible from the meals I had missed while sleeping. She was concerned that she had not lived up to my expectations and apologized. She had not had the chance to serve me to the fullest extent of first class because I had been sleeping. However, for me, this was the perfect flight. I had slept continuously through most of it, and landed well rested. I ate a reasonable amount despite limitless offerings of food and alcohol in first class. (I am trying to lose weight and I am careful on business trips.)

When serving customers, it is the outcome for the customer that is important, not the quantity of work you do. In some cases, it is easier to delight your customers with less work than with more.  Don’t feel obligated to thrust on your customers everything you can do  just because you can. Don’t assume that you need to. If your customers are delighted by your service then you have done your job.

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