“Steve’s advice helped me rapidly transform Danone Japan into a company delivering double-digit growth yearly!”

Stijn Vandervorst
Danone Japan Co., Ltd.

“Steve, with your help, we achieved the highest profitability the company’s history!”

Masatami Asano
Number Three, Co. Ltd.

“Steve helped our sales and marketing teams learn, develop, document, and apply a practical approach that makes sustainability the core driver of business value for our customers which is key to achieving our Forever chocolate goal–making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. I can already see a behavioral change in my team. People are more deliberate and talk with enhanced confidence in front of customers from having worked with Steve.”

Pascale Meulemeester
Representative and Managing Director/President
Barry Callebaut Japan Ltd.

“We have been using Steve services. Among various benefit we have gained working with him there is one thing I particularly and personally appreciate with him, is his understanding of what makes people universally human. Engaging and bouncing ideas with Steve, helps me to bust the myths about what is impossible to change in a company in Japan.”

Alexandre de Muralt
Representative Director & President
Merck Serono Co., Ltd.

“Steve took my leadership team and me through a strategic decision-making process that dramatically accelerated our execution capability, which was already top in the industry. Leadership team members continue to use the process with their respective staffs today enabling us to move even faster in high-value areas of our business.”

Robert L. Noddin
President and CEO
AIG Japan Holdings KK

“Steve, working with you stretched a lot my view on the business as well as some of my behaviours. Yet, you have inspired my way of doing business and strongly influenced the changes I have made in Japan, transforming my business into a powerhouse that is now on a growth trajectory.”

Antony Strianese
Barilla Japan

“In a half day with Steve focusing in innovation, my executive team and I came up with four ideas for initiatives that could make a significant difference to the bottom line in the near term, three of which we are now executing. More importantly though, Steve showed us a process for regular and rapid innovation, that my team is currently using with their respective staff on their own initiative, without prompting from me. This is exactly the way I wanted to take the business to the next level.”

Tony Cala
General Manager
Tokyo American Club

“Thanks to Steve we were able to achieve a dramatic strategic change much faster than even I had imagined.”

Vincent Supiot
Mikado Kyowa Seed (Limagrain Group)

“I approached Steve with a specific issue and he quickly pinpointed that within the bigger picture a huge change/shift in mindset was required in particular areas of our business. After setting out his approach, identifying those issues, actioned needed and deliverables we partnered up during 2015. The results of which have already been seen in margins which translate straight to the bottom line. More importantly we have seen that shift in mindset now take effect as we move into 2016. This gives us a strong base for sustainable growth going forward.

The success of this project has lead the adidas Group Japan to sign Steve up for another much larger project for 2016.”

Paul Hardisty
adidas Group Japan

“Steve, you were able to help our France and Japan teams define a vision for our united businesses where a common and shared vision did not previously exist. The result exceeded our expectations, and pushed the boundaries of our comfort zone. I’m very happy with the result.”

Rodolphe Millet
Vilmorin SA

“Steve, you are one of the most insightful people I have met since coming to Japan. Your strategic advice has been invaluable to me.”

Fulvio Guarneri
Unilever Japan

“Steve, you helped us succeed in strategic change in our business. Your insights were valuable to me, and helped move us forward in the right direction.”

Rod Lappin
Lenovo Japan

“Thanks to you Steve, our strategy management is vastly improved. We develop strategy faster. The ideas are better. The results are more clear. We have better communication throughout the company and a shared vision. You’ve made a huge difference to us.”

Shogo Sekine
Executive Vice President
Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

“Thanks to your market validation work, our sales teams are now able to drop unviable products before we lose money on them, and refocus effort on better opportunities. This is a vast improvement in the way we work. ”

Shizuo Ukaji
Executive Managing Director
Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

“With your help, we dramatically improved our strategy and performance management systems. Our goals are more clear and our measures are more meaningful. We are now much more effective at managing strategy development using our own internal champions, monitoring progress on execution, and getting early indicators when change is necessary.”

Masayuki Hasegawa
Vice President
Jigen International, Inc.

“Steve, you really helped us improve communication and collaboration between our R&D and sales and marketing teams. We come up with better product ideas more frequently, and the spirit of collaboration has improved dramatically.”

Ken Sekine
Cosmos Technical Center Co., Ltd

“Steve, you have helped me grow as a leader in very short amount of time, and you have given me real insights in managing a strong consumer science team. I am so I happy that I found you”

Yuko Suzuki
Consumer Science Manager
Reckitt Benckiser Asia Pacific Limited

“Steve, your support as coach and advisor of my role as a leader has been invaluable. You helped me set our school’s vision and refocus our strategy. You have given me the capabilities I need to take our school through its next stage of growth. I cannot thank you enough.”

Shaney Crawford
Tsukuba International School