Discipline To Do What You Know

There is not knowing how to do something and not being comfortable with doing it—and the two are not the same. Leaders I encounter often know more than they think. It is those who possess the discipline to do what they know who achieve the greatest success. Click To Tweet

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Business people discussing sales

Reject Status Quo Salesforce Behavior

Rapid growth of business frequently means improved selling behavior of your salesforce. Some leaders I encounter are aware there are issues in their salesforce, but often don’t have complete visibility into specific behaviors that ought to be changed. Below are five of the most common behaviors of salespeople I have encountered and what I advised.

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Business people shaking hands and building relationships

Your Best People Build Relationships

Good employees are responsive to customers. Great employees innovate ways to build relationships. In a world where outstanding customer service is frequently the norm, it is customer relationships that count.

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A businessman pressing an Empowerment button on a transparent screen.

Empowerment That Counts

Empowering people can be motivating and serve as a boon to your business’s results, but only if you do it right. However, nothing engenders cynicism more than pro forma exercises in prima facie empowerment. Too frequently, I find ham-fisted attempts of managers at making people feel empowered, often at the behest of some kind of edict issued by HR managers who are oblivious to the damage they cause.

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man and woman look at the city

Ignore Prognosticators of Doom

There is no percentage in fear of the hypothetical, no matter how reasonable a hypothesis might sound. Anyone can prognosticate doom about anything someone doesn’t like for whatever reasons. The impossible is only something no one has done yet. 

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Empowerment for Adults

I define empowerment as an employee’s ability to effect a business outcome through his or her individual work—and having the will to do so. In the video below, I explain what you need to make empowerment a reality in your business. No theory. No slogans. No HR-esque platitudes. Just practical advice based on actual experience for a business leader like you.

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fire dealer

Fire Your Dealer and Live to Tell about It

CEOs I know often tell me they have been warned against ending a dealer relationship that no longer serves the business or otherwise customers will abandon them and their companies will be blacklisted in Japan. Yet I have never seen such prognostications of doom actually happen in practice. In this video, I explain why you won’t either.

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