leader and decision

Benevolent Dictatorship

Understanding the rationale for change alone when accountability is lacking is never enough. As leader, you will find yourself having to do the work of your staff in their stead.

By accountability, I mean a leader ensures there are rewards for the right behaviors and good results, and penalties if there are not.

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There is No Japanese Mindset

Nationality and national culture are not granular enough to explain behavior. There is no  “Japanese mindset.”

I have traveled to more than twenty countries, and lived outside my native United States for almost my entire adult life. I speak Japanese and French fluently, and just enough Italian, German, and Mandarin Chinese to get myself into trouble. When I put my mind to it, I can even fake Spanish—and people understand me! I have worked with and known people from all over the world. Yet, I have never known any single person who could be described as typical of the country from which they come, because it is not nationality that really matters.

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Why Attitude Trumps Capability

In this video, I’m talking why attitude trumps capability.

Here are three things I learned about capability.

  1. Most people and most leaders are far more capable than they actually believe.
  2. Most people have the ability to improve their capabilities in some way, no matter where they are starting from.
  3. It’s rare that it’s capability that limits improvement; rather, it’s the belief in the ability to change things that tends to hold people back.

Based on the above, I’ve developed “Steve’s Attitude Capability Matrix.”

steve bleistein attitude capability matrix

Watch the video below to learn more.