Empowerment for Adults

I define empowerment as an employee’s ability to effect a business outcome through his or her individual work—and having the will to do so. In the video below, I explain what you need to make empowerment a reality in your business. No theory. No slogans. No HR-esque platitudes. Just practical advice based on actual experience for a business leader like you.

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fire dealer

Fire Your Dealer and Live to Tell about It

CEOs I know often tell me they have been warned against ending a dealer relationship that no longer serves the business or otherwise customers will abandon them and their companies will be blacklisted in Japan. Yet I have never seen such prognostications of doom actually happen in practice. In this video, I explain why you won’t either.

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Business meeting talking about excellence and diversity.

Excellence, Not Diversity

If you are a business leader pursuing diversity, you are chasing the wrong goal. It is not diversity that matters, but rather excellence that counts. Diversity of people is merely a natural result.

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Leader holding up employee who stands out from mediocrity and tradition.

No Tradition in Mediocrity

If you have ever heard someone use the adjectives traditional Japanese to describe an uninspiring manager, the moniker is only half-true. Only by replacing the word traditional with mediocre can you accurately reflect reality. There is nothing traditional about mediocrity in Japan, just as anywhere else in the world.

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