The World is Given, But The Frame is Yours

The world is given, but in photography, you frame the world as you want it. The photograph is your own. The leader of a business does much the same. You take the world as you want it.

The frame is of your own choosing.

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Who’s Eating Your Lunch?

I can often sell my clients’ businesses better than they can sell themselves. Some have little sense of the magnitude of strategic value they are capable of providing their customers, whereas others have sales staff who rarely communicate such value, much less understand it.

As a result, they undercharge their customers or otherwise find themselves merely pushing product to low-level buyers.

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Eschew the Putative Best People

Your company should not have mass appeal as a great place to work, if it is exceptional people you want to attract.

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Campaigns Don’t Shape Brands

Campaigns don’t shape brands. Leaders do. Campaigns merely project to the outside world the brand as perceived by the people inside your company, whether that brand is how you like it or not.

Dissonance will cause any branding campaign to fail, no matter what you do.

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Ignore The Competition

Focusing on what the competition is doing in considering your own strategy tacitly enables your competitors to force you to compete on their terms.

For breakthrough strategy, forget about the competition.

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