Culture Change Manifesto

I define culture as norms of behaviors based on shared beliefs. When a leader says he or she wants to change the culture of his or her company, the ultimate goal is always to change norms of behaviors.

If I want to understand the culture of a company, all I need to do is observe which behaviors are encouraged and rewarded, which are discouraged and penalized, and which are the behaviors to which people are indifferent. I can understand the beliefs that drive those behaviors by asking questions.

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Change Discipline, Not Management

The currency of discipline is choice, and that choice is yours to make.

Change management is ostensibly a practice to help people in an organization make a transition as a result of a disruptive organization change.

However, disruption need not be disruptive if disruption is part of your discipline.

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Conversation with Visa Japan Country Manager Seiji Yasubuchi

On April 3rd, I conducted an onstage conversation with Visa Japan Country Manager, Seiji Yasubuchi, at the Tokyo American Club for the American and French Chambers of Commerce in Japan. We had a full house!

Here are my takeaways from my discussion with Seiji.

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Growth is a State of Mind, Not a Market

Return on investment of overseas acquisitions made by Japanese companies, with some exceptions, is feeble by large and at times disastrous.

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The World is Given, But The Frame is Yours

The world is given, but in photography, you frame the world as you want it. The photograph is your own. The leader of a business does much the same. You take the world as you want it.

The frame is of your own choosing.

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Campaigns Don’t Shape Brands

Campaigns don’t shape brands. Leaders do. Campaigns merely project to the outside world the brand as perceived by the people inside your company, whether that brand is how you like it or not.

Dissonance will cause any branding campaign to fail, no matter what you do.

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Ignore The Competition

Focusing on what the competition is doing in considering your own strategy tacitly enables your competitors to force you to compete on their terms.

For breakthrough strategy, forget about the competition.

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2018 Predictions

I love making predictions, so here is my list of ten predictions for 2018.

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