Three Success Factors for Robust Strategy

All strategic plans are perfect on paper in a theoretical static world. However, no strategic plan ever survives confrontation with the ever-changing realities of business and your perception of them. A robust strategy is one that can adapt rapidly to change in the environment as well as to change in your understanding of that environment. Below are three behaviors and practices for robust strategy common to my most successful clients.

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Cultivating Boldness

The scarcest resource in a business today is not talent, money, or technical ability, but rather independent thought and the courage to act on it.

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Business Trends in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, I foresee three trends based on my experience with clients. Here are business trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

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Identify Cause. Never Presume.

The CEO of a well-known US company in Japan contacted me recently to ask whether I thought flatter organizational structures are better than more hierarchical ones. He learned that vital information from the ranks was not getting to him fast enough and thought that a flatter structure might resolve the problem. He was, in fact, asking the wrong question, because his question presumes cause is organizational structure, whereas it might not be.

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Mitsubishi vs. Japanese Culture

In light of the recent Mitsubishi scandal, Bloomberg invited me back to discuss Japanese corporate culture and whether or not Japan is to blame for the recent scandal.

You can watch our discussion in the video above.

If you’d prefer to read this interview, the following transcript has been provided by Bloomberg:

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Conversation with Barilla Japan CEO

I conducted an onstage conversation with Barilla Japan CEO, Antony Strianese.

Here are my takeaways.

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Conversation with Nihon Michelin CEO

On October 19th, I conducted an on-stage conversation with Nihon Michelin CEO, Paul Perriniaux, at the Tokyo American Club for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the French Chamber of Commerce.

Here are a few of my takeaways.

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It’s Never Because “This is Japan”

Address real root cause, and you can accelerate change in your business. Blame your ailments on Japan, and you will remain permanently stuck.

It’s up to you.

What is it about Japan that makes companies as they are? Below are a few statements from a company manager, many of which you might find familiar in your own experience in Japan.

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