Rapid Organizational Change By: Steve Bleistein

Business has always been about keeping pace with change

– changing demographics, changing customer expectations, changing technologies, even climate change. But in today’s global business jungle change is happening faster and more relentlessly than ever before. In such an environment agility is the supreme survival skill, and the organisations that consistently come out on top in the never-ending struggle for market share are those with the ability to adapt quickly, efficiently and decisively to whatever new or unexpected challenges may come their way.

In this important book from internationally acclaimed organizational change guru, Steve Bleistein, you’ll learn all about a revolutionary new approach to executing and managing strategic organizational change that has proven wildly effective at some of today’s most successful global companies in virtually every sector, including high-tech, finance, chemicals, sportswear and more.

A revolutionary new approach to managing organizational change for an unbeatable competitive advantage

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Most change management models suffer from the same shortcoming: they may get you where you wanted to go, but a day late and a dollar short. By the time new processes and strategies filter down through every level, the moment has passed.

Rapid Organizational Change introduces you to a powerful new approach to executing organizational change that takes full advantage of one of the most under-utilized corporate change resources: middle management.

Unlike typical organisation-wide approaches, Steve Bleistein’s lean, agile model for super-effective change management lets you achieve desired outcomes more efficiently and decisively, while saving your company time, effort and money.

Packed with priceless insights, action steps, and real-world examples, Rapid Change Management gives you what you need to:
  • Target mid-level managers for faster change
  • Tackle legacy organizational structures and embedded biases
  • Institute perpetual leadership development outside of HR
  • Correct gender inequality in management positions
  • Take advantage your best resources to gain competitive advantage
  • Quickly and effectively execute change company-wide

An indispensable survival guide for today’s hurly-burly, dog-eat-dog global business environment, Rapid Change Management arms you with the knowledge and tools you need to not only keep from slipping behind, but for staying out ahead of the pack.


  • One of the keys to rapid change is a shift in mindset. The faster you can achieve a shift in mindset, the faster you can make the changes in ways of working that achieve business results. Our company worked personally with Steve and experienced firsthand how he puts this approach into practice. This book shows you how, and is an indispensable resource for the CEO of a large organization.”

    ~ Paul Hardisty, President, Adidas Group – Japan

  • Leading an organization through rapid change poses any number of challenges. In the reality of today’s fast-paced, always-shifting, global business landscape — although there is often a need for speed on all fronts — change efforts can get stuck in process and implementation. If you’re looking to cut through some of that complexity, Rapid Organizational Change presents a practical and effective plan to get you, your team, and your organization moving.”

    ~ Robert L. Noddin, President and CEO, AIG Japan Holdings K.K.

  • Strong, practical and useful advice for leaders and managers operating in a multi-cultural environment.”

    ~ Paul Perriniaux, Managing Director Japan and Korea, Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.

  • Leading a Japanese organization through change poses cross-cultural challenges in addition to the managerial and leadership one. This book provides great insight in how to achieve rapid change in Japanese organizations, as well as organizations in other countries. This book is a must-read for any international manager and business leader.”

    ~ Vincent Supiot, CEO, Mikado Kyowa Seed Co., Ltd. (Limagrain Group)

  • Today’s era of global business, the ability to rapid continuous improvement of an organization’s capabilities is absolutely essential. This book illustrates practical means for doing so with clear explanations. It is without a doubt a tremendous resource for the leader of any company.”

    ~ Shogo Sekine, President, Nippon Surfactant Industries Co., Ltd.

  • For any business leader who has wanted to make changes, but been told it’s impossible, this is a book for you. The book contains truths and practical methods I had to learn through experience. This is a great value-added for any CEO.”

    ~ Peter Kronschnabl, President & CEO, BMW Group Japan

Steve Bleistein

Dr Steven Bleistein is the founder and CEO of Relansa Inc. and one of those rare international experts who bridges Western and Japanese business thinking. Fluent in Japanese and French, Steve has attracted clients from businesses such as Lenovo Japan, Reckitt Benckiser, Nikkol Chemicals, NTT Data Group and Mitsubishi Bank. Working with leaders and their teams, Steve helps both Japanese and international companies create their own new realities. He is also Vice Chair of the Independent Business Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, where he takes an active role in supporting entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities inside Japanese companies. In addition, Steve serves on the board of Tsukuba International School, supporting the school’s leadership on the path toward full International Baccalaureate certification. Prior to founding Relansa, Steve represented the Balanced Scorecard Institute in Japan.

Rapid Organizational Change By: Steve Bleistein Rapid Organizational Change By: Steve Bleistein

Rapid Organizational Change




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