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Make Room For The Atheists

I despise the so-called evangelism that tends to accompany strategic change, particularly when the objective is to persuade people that the strategic direction that the business leaders have chosen is the righteous one to the exclusion of all others.

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Labor Shortage is Never a Problem

There are two ways to grow your business. You can do the same thing, only more of it. Or you can increase the value of what you do. At the time that I write this, Japan has an unemployment rate of less than three percent, so the latter is, for many businesses, the best viable option.

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Unconscious Hypocrisy

Most hypocrisy is committed unconsciously, and only with the best intentions by otherwise intelligent and capable leaders. A leader creates a corporate culture through his or her behavior, whether consciously or not.

That is why unconscious hypocrisy can be such an insidious problem to resolve for those in leadership.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Employed

A CEO client of mine has been asking his senior executives to be more “entrepreneurial” in their approach to the business, and he is certainly not the first one to do so.

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The Three Freedoms of Engagement

I don’t need to rely on the stock recommendations from prepackaged employee engagement surveys to gauge and improve a staff’s emotional commitment to the business, and neither do you. All I need to do is to gauge the degree of the three freedoms of employee engagement listed below, and that will tell me what I need to know.

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Be Unfair and Play Favorites

Fairness is not about equity of treatment. It is about equity of opportunity to exercise one’s talents. You can play favorites and there is nothing wrong with doing so, as long as it is the excellent that you favor.

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Conversation with Visa Japan Country Manager Seiji Yasubuchi

On April 3rd, I conducted an onstage conversation with Visa Japan Country Manager, Seiji Yasubuchi, at the Tokyo American Club for the American and French Chambers of Commerce in Japan. We had a full house!

Here are my takeaways from my discussion with Seiji.

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Growth is a State of Mind, Not a Market

Return on investment of overseas acquisitions made by Japanese companies, with some exceptions, is feeble by large and at times disastrous.

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